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KDMG provides a non-traditional, outside the box, hands-on digital approach to entertainment content providers.

Passionate about our work, the KDMG team counsels individuals and companies from all areas of the entertainment industry including producers, directors, distributors, technology companies, digital retail platforms, sales agents, and cable, telecommunications and satellite companies toward achieving their highest potential. Priding ourselves on the relationships we’ve built with individuals and organizations at all levels within the entertainment industry, we provide our clients and partners with the tools and exposure needed to thrive and stand out from the competition by incorporating a customized approach to our business practices.

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KDMG works in all facets of digital media and distribution within the entertainment industry, retaining an extensive background in new business development, contract negotiations, asset evaluation, back office support, strategic alliances and partnerships, industry overview, supply chain management, mergers and acquisitions, original IP representation, and feature film licensing. Possessing the capabilities to serve as a partner in helping organizations achieve the results that meet their unique and individual needs at the top tier, KDMG provides unparalleled customer service in order to obtain direct digital distribution partner relationships and can serve as your single point of contact in servicing your digital needs. KDMG is excited about each and every one of our clients, seeking to help them gain the exposure and growth they desire.

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