Business Development

KDMG can assist you in obtaining direct digital distribution relationships with retail platforms or can serve as your single point of contact for servicing your digital needs. 

Currently, KDMG offers a competitive new way to build your own direct pipeline, while still having your content distributed through the scaling and growth process. 

This business model allows you to be in control, while implementing affordable solutions to build your infrastructure, manage your sales and marketing, and have next to zero disruption in your sales revenues and content distribution supply chain.

Consider KDMG your insurance policy to distribution and discover how you can grow your business through our business development solutions.

  • Digital business strategy development
  • Partner/platform introductions
  • Contract negotiations
  • Asset/content valuation
  • Metadata services
  • Content marketability/trend analysis
  • Acquisition strategy evaluation and development
  • Digital supply chain B2B development and advisement
  • Digital retail B2C development and advisement