Regardless of genre, film type, narrative, or country of origin, KDMG aims to bring your content to all the major distribution platforms in an effective model that maximizes your content’s potential. Our team creates a customized distribution strategy for your content’s specific appeal, while simultaneously maintaining a cost-effective efficiency. 

KDMG’s goal is to work with content creators in an open and transparent relationship. We achieve this by walking you through every part of the process, with no hidden agendas. KDMG has the ability to distribute films and TV content to all ancillary markets, including but not limited to: digital platform partners, DVD, television, airlines, universities, hotels/motels, and more.

KDMG’s distribution vertical is an exciting alternative to the traditional sales agents and aggregation companies you have come to know. Instead, KDMG enables independent producers and distributors to deliver their content to select platforms of their choosing – regardless of whether it is a new release or catalog title – for a competitive distribution fee.

When and where you do not have the resources, volume or relationships with platforms, KDMG does. It’s like being direct and maintaining full control of your future sales.

KDMG’s content pass-through provides you with an affordable way to get your content placed on the top platforms while simultaneously connecting you with the marketing and promotional teams that will best sell your content so you can focus on what counts: increasing exposure and profitability! 

With KDMG, there are no hidden fees or surprises. Our team handles all the deliveries to the platforms with no upfront costs to you. With complete transparency, KDMG provides detailed accounting from the platforms directly to you, so you see the same information we do – with no funny business or creative accounting involved.