Mergers & Acquisitions

Regardless if you have a slate of pictures, library, or catalog assets, KDMG’s mergers and acquisitions team will help you navigate the complex intricacies. From business obstacles to due diligence, and contract negotiations to post-merger or post-acquisition, KDMG will guide you every step of the way.   

By analyzing many factors, including those related to regulatory compliance, technology, intellectual property, market trends, and integration challenges between organizations, KDMG will help you reach the bottom-line aspects of the deal so you can make confident, informed decisions for your company. Drawing on our vast experience and extensive network of resources, we can help you define strategy, provide valuation services, and explore potential real-world scenarios for pre- and post-acquisition business.

When you retain KDMG, you’re getting professionals who do this every day. We’re not attorneys or brokers. We are experts with decades of experience in every aspect of the mergers and acquisitions process. KDMG will work with you, your team, your attorneys, and/or business partners to get the best deals and most favorable terms in every transaction.

We’ll help with:

Representation – We’ve got your back at the negotiating table.

Due diligence – Everything from library performance to asset rights.

Intellectual property – Get experts involved to assess the true value of an asset to your organization.